LHS grad Miles Teller guest stars on Letterman Show

Miles Teller on David Letterman

Lecanto graduate and popular actor Miles Teller appeared on the David Letterman show in March. (Photo: Supplied)

Lecanto High School graduate Miles Teller recently was interviewed March 11, 2014, on the David Letterman Show regarding the movies “Divergent” and “Fantastic Four.”

In Teller’s interview he mentions Citrus County and that he graduated from Lecanto High School in 2006. Teller also mentions that he took up theater at the age of 17 and has now worked his way up to where he is today, playing roles in multiple popular movies such as “Footloose,” “21 and over,”  “The Spectacular Now,”  “Project X,” and “That Awkward Moment.”

Teller started out as an everyday average kid from a small town and has now become a familiar face to all.

“It’s amazing that we all can see a prime example of someone who made their dreams become a reality and that hard work pays off. Miles is an inspiration to kids here in Citrus County and all over,” said sophomore Haley Giaras.

Recently there has been a buzz about Teller playing “Mr. Fantastic” in the new “Fantastic Four” movie.

Lecanto High School students are excited to see Teller starring in this big-time movie.

“I think this opportunity for Miles is great. It’s definitely going to put him out there more than he already is; if people don’t know of him now they will after this,” said freshman Jordan Spain.

Lecanto High School junior and drama student Seryi Mejia sees Teller as a huge role model for him and the drama department.

“I think Miles Teller is a role model and an inspiration for all young actors that wish to make it in the performing arts business but have doubts because of where they come from. He is someone to look up to, especially in our school drama department. He has demonstrated that big things can come from small actions. He has provided us with hope and the view that hard work pays off and that maybe our future graduates from LHS can make their marks in Hollywood,” said Mejia.

According to Mejia, drama teacher Amanda Mathieu is trying to contact Teller to come to the school to speak to students about working hard for success.

“I personally think that if he came to our school, it would be an amazing opportunity to ask about the things we really need to focus on in order to be successful. I would never want to pass up an opportunity to interact more with people with such a high success rate so I can learn from them,” said Mejia.

Students “cut loose” from school for a trip to the movies


"Footloose," starring LHS graduate Miles Teller, has been in theaters for two weeks. (Photo: Amstead)

English teacher Destin Black took both of her film classes and English IV class on a field trip to the Regal Crystal River Mall 9 Theater to watch a viewing of “Footloose.”

Seeing a movie for a field trip is a dream for most students. Black brought over 70 students to the Crystal River Mall. The point of the trip was to show the film students the difference between the orignal and the remake. She brought her English IV class along just for a treat.

“Footloose” is a remake of the 1984 film of the same name. The movie follows male lead, Ren MacCormack, who tries to get a town to un-ban dancing for a school dance.

Lots of jokes follow along as well as dance scenes in between the pro-dance rioting. A few sub-plots are used perfectly to complement the movie: dance lessons, a daughter-father conflict and a high school rivalry.

This movie has given a number of actors the opportunity to move from film extras to major actors in the industry. One such actor is LHS alum Miles Teller. Teller plays the part of Willard Hewitt, MacCormack’s best friend.

These cast members really fit their parts for the film. The actors are relatable to the viewers and the movie has some cool action scenes, such as the bus race.

“I liked the movie because it was funny,” said senior Lauren Powers. “They were good dancers.”

If you have seen the orignal “Footloose,” then it would be worthwhile to see the changes in the plot that almost 30 years has brought on. A few changes were made because of technology and small town culture. Instead of listening to cassette players with 80s music, the characters had iPods with modern music. A few plot points are different from the original, such as MacCormack’s mom has passed away in the re-make.

So if you have seen the original, then there are more than a few reasons to go watch it again with the new scenes and updated plot. If you haven’t seen the original, then this movie would be a Friday night well-spent.